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Debbie Ang

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Hello! I’m Debbie

 Full stack marketer since 2015

I’m a T-shaped marketer, with over 4 years of experience, focused on search engine and inbound marketing.

I’m also the head of copy for a local agency.

Over the years, I help my clients build their business from scratch. Often with minimum budget and bootstrap approach, I’ve taken these businesses to greater heights, usually via multichannel promotions and SEM strategic planning.

I designed, strategised and led many digital marketing initiatives for my clients from multiple industries such as eSports, eCommerce, fashion, travel, tech, startups, B2B, B2C,and more.

Due to the ENFP personality, my curiosity has motivated me to pick up new skills and improve myself in various skill sets like copywriting, email marketing, automation, workflows, A/B testing, amongst others.

Throughout my professional years, I was blessed to work remotely with great companies, startups and think tanks from all around the world: Switzerland, UK, US and, of course, Asia Pacific region.

In 2010,

I’ve been awarded the Diplomatic Excellence Team Award for my high performance & teamwork efforts, by the British High Commission in Malaysia.

In 2019, I was featured in Guavabean stories! Guavabean is no stranger to remote advocates from all over the world! We’re a 1000+ members strong in our FB digital nomad community!

Fast forward to 2020, I was also invited to speak on their podcast–listen to it here!

Nowadays, I also spend the bulk of my time building a remote online community, called the Remote Hero. So watch this space! Meantime, you can check out my other works…

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