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Hello! I’m Debbie

Started in full stack marketing since 2015

Today, I’m a C-level marketer with over 7 years of experience, focused on performance and strategic marketing.

Topping on top of my experience as the Head of Content for a local agency and independent local expert for an international agency, Oban UK, I am also the Founder & Owner of Virtual Ink Media; a remote marketing agency that helped dozens of businesses grow and scale to greater heights with bootstrap marketing via omnichannel organic approach and suitable go-to-market strategy, tailored to each unique, growing business.

I designed, strategised, and led many digital marketing initiatives for my DTCB2B and B2C clients from multiple industries: eSports, eCommerce, fashion, travel, insurtech, and more!

Due to my ENFP personality, curiosity has always been my motivation to pick up new skills and improve myself in a broader spectrum of skill sets like copywriting, email marketing, automation, workflows, and A/B testing.

Throughout my professional years, I am blessed to work remotely (and hybridly!) with great companies, startups, and think tanks worldwide: Switzerland, the UK, the US, and within APAC.

In 2010,

I’ve been awarded the Diplomatic Excellence Team Award for my high performance & teamwork efforts, by the British High Commission in Malaysia.

In 2019, I was featured in Guavabean stories! Guavabean is no stranger to remote advocates from all over the world! We’re a 1000+ members strong in our FB digital nomad community!

Fast forward to 2020, I was also invited to speak on their podcast–listen to it here!

Nowadays, I also spend the bulk of my time building a remote online community, called the Remote Hero. So watch this space! Meantime, you can check out my other works…

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